Information or informations?

Which of these two sentences is correct?

Thank you for the information.
Thank you for the informations.

If you selected sentence one, you got it right. Information is the correct form and *informations is incorrect. This is because in English the word information is an uncountable noun (also known as a mass noun). This also means that there is no singular *an information and no plural *informations.

This is a common mistake because, as in many languages, the German word Information is countable and has a plural, Informationen. This is actually quite logical. For example, if several fields on a form are empty and still have to be filled in, they are obviously countable. 

But if the English word information is uncountable, how can we combine it with a number in a way that is grammatically correct?

In this case we have to say piece of information. Since piece is a countable noun, we can refer to three, five, or twelve pieces of information without any problem. 

Correct: the information (is)

Correct:     a piece of information
Incorrect: *an information

Correct:      three pieces of information
Incorrect:  *three informations

I hope that was a useful piece of information 😉

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