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Frequently Asked Questions

Our legal English courses are not the same as general or business English courses. Fluently Legal courses are especially designed for legal professionals in Germany. This is reflected in the content and the emphasis of our courses. We focus on legal English vocabulary and  develop the skills you need to describe German legal concepts in English to international clients and colleagues.

Fluently Legal courses will help you:

  • Communicate more effectively with clients, colleagues and partners in English
  • Avoid common mistakes in legal English that can lead to misunderstandings
  • Prepare for a job in an international law firm.
  • Get ready to spend time in an English-speaking country
  • Prepare for an LLM
  • Fulfil the claim of “verhandlungssicheres Englisch” on your CV 
  • Make a positive, professional impression at a new job or abroad

Our legal English courses are designed for all legal professionals, from lawyers to law students and legal assistants – anyone who wants to improve their English skills. The courses are particularly relevant for legal professionals located in Germany.

Joining one of our courses is not the same as watching Youtube! Our courses are all interactive and include vocabulary activities, quizzes, discussions, writing and speaking tasks with personal feedback. Some of our courses also include a weekly group video call to practise your speaking skills. 

Blended learning means that you learn through a blend, or combination, of different means. Some of the learning takes place “live” in video calls with native speakers in a small group setting. Other elements of the course can be done in your own time because the activities  are accessible 24 hours in the learning platform.

Yes, some of our content is accessible for free so that you can try it out. In May 2021 we are launching a free course in blending learning format. Find out more about joining here.